Sunday, September 14, 2014

Updating Jamil's Medical Plan

Let me start today’s blog with a big thank you to everyone that has been praying for Jamil.  He continues to appear well and to adjust to living in the USA.


This past week, we took Jamil for a regular visit to see a pediatrician in Oklahoma City.  He was started on a vaccination schedule to get caught up for years of being behind.  He did not like the 4 vaccination shots that he received in addition to the PPD skin test that was placed.  He will have to get a few more in November.


On Wednesday, Jamil had an appointment with a pediatric oncologist.  This is a doctor at OU that is well acquainted with Neurofibromatosis type 2, as her sister had this.  She also has recently treated a young man with an ocular meningioma, like Jamil’s.  She reviewed his files and got his history the best that we could relay it.  Following that visit, she took all of his information and scans to “Tumor Board” for the review of all of the cancer doctors, radiologists and surgeons.  As they reviewed his old CT scans, they could see the tumor in his cavernous sinus as far back as 2012, when we first met him.  This news is a little encouraging because this means that the progression is likely slower than we thought.  The consensus of the board was that they thought we should take a wait and see approach.  There is a scenario where meningiomas will swell after radiation, for up to a year.  This looks like the tumor is growing, but then starts to recede.  Jamil is just over a year from finishing his radiation that he had in 2013.  The doctors at OU would like to repeat his MRI just before Thanksgiving and see what it is doing.  They do acknowledge that the tumor involves the bones of his face and the cavernous sinus.  This is something that can not necessarily be “cured” by modern medicine.  The progression can be slowed and sometimes halted. 


We intend to employ all that modern medicine has to offer and add in a heaping dose of prayer to the mixture.  Please continue to lift Jamil up in your prayers.  Please pray specifically that the tumor growth to halt and actually recede.
We spent the weekend with some friends in Hinton and then at the OU game.



We will continue to update the blog as indicated.




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