Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gulu Update

Let me update you on our week/weekend in Gulu. We traveled the 6 hours from Kampala to Gulu on Wednesday afternoon. We stayed at the Gulu Churchill Courts Hotel. It was very nice and actually had AC, that we were not expecting. Thursday, we saw about 150 children in the Africa Renewal Ministries sponsorship program at the Gulu Bible Community Church.

Thursday afternoon, we had the privilege of meeting Kent Forrester. He is with Antioch church from Waco, Tx. Antioch is a mission minded church that concentrates on discipleship of believers. He has been in northern Uganda for the past 2 years. We were introduced to him through our good friend Todd Vinson, of Willow Springs Boys Ranch in Chandler, Ok. Jill and Jayne had crossed paths with some ladies that work with Kent in Gulu while at a beauty salon in Kampala last week.  Kent gave us some insight to the work that God is doing in northern Uganda and it was a pleasure to spend time with him. Friday, we went to Gulu Referral Regional Hospital. Our team swept sidewalks and picked up trash as a service to the hospital.

We then went to different wards to pray with patients and share Jesus with them.

The hospital seemed much less busy than when we were there in July, but we found out that this was not necessarily good news. The hospitals had been full until a couple of weeks ago, when they ran out of many medicines. So with few medicines to give, the hospital is operating at 20% capacity. The need is still there, but the resources are not. Friday afternoon, we went to tour Living Hope. This is a project of Watoto Church that is empowering mothers. Many of these women are HIV positive and many more are victims of mutilation by the LRA. They are getting counseling, education, discipleship, and job skills training to make their life have purpose. Friday evening, we went to the Campus Mega-fest at Gulu University.

The Due Unto crew provided first aid for the event (thankfully, none was needed). There was praise and worship, then some crusade-type preaching.

 It was supposed to go from 6pm-11pm, but it started to rain about 9:45 and the crowd scattered. Saturday, we were blessed to meet Sister Rosemary, who runs St Monica’s in Gulu.

This place does many things, but among them is training women that were former LRA members or abductees. These ladies are allowed to bring their children with them when they come to class. These children make a day care and school necessary. They have a nice clinic on campus. They are doing some cool things with can flip tops (purses, back packs, belts etc) and they are building houses, using water bottles filled with dirt for bricks.

Sister Rosemary has won a CNN Hero award and there is some thought that she could eventually win a Nobel Peace prize for her work in the Gulu area. During the height of the LRA problems in Uganda, St. Monicas had 500 night commuters that stayed in shipping containers on their grounds to stay safe from abduction. Sister Rosemary invited us back to stay with them and work some in their Gulu clinic, but also to travel to Atiak (up near South Sudan) to give them ideas on the new clinic that they have there.
We got to go to Restore academy and visit Joseph (Henry's brother) and see the school there.

 Saturday afternoon, we did a few more health screenings in Gulu.

 Saturday evening, we went to the home of Kent and Becky Forrester. They made dinner and the adults talked more about the work of Antioch in the north and how Due Unto Others might work with them in the future. The kids had a rousing game of flash light tag! Sunday, we worshipped at Gulu Bible Community Church before heading back to Kampala. I was blessed that they asked me to share my testimony with the congregation there.

I type this as we are making the 6 hour journey back to Kampala. We have a big week this week. We are going to take Nakiganda to the hospital to be admitted on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Micah and Kara will be joining us on a trip to Jinja. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be working with Pastor Henry’s church in Jinja to provide medical care to their school kids and to the community. We will be coming back to Kampala on Good Friday Evening. We are supposed to meet some new friends from Dubai on Friday evening.

As busy as we have been, the start of our 3rd month, in Uganda, is upon us. We are seeing God move daily and we feel your prayers continually. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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  1. Will be praying for Nakiganda Tuesday and that all goes well with the surgery. I can't believe you all have been there 3 months! Wow, what truly amazing things you have got to experience and be a part of thus far! A quote I came across in a book I am reading - the quote is by Igor Silkorsky " The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward"-
    remember each little spark you set this week and in the coming months combined with the love of God that has placed that spark- can do amazing things in and for the people of Uganda- press on my friends :)