Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jigger Bug by Jayne

     Last week, I had some fun playing with my new friends in Namatumba.  When I left, I thought I had just gotten new friends, but no, I got more than just new friends, I got four little bugs who just loved me……… well my feet. At first we thought they were just warts, but no, they weren’t. They were jiggers. How we found out about this is that our friend David saw them and he asked, “What are those”?  I replied, “They are warts”.  Then he told me, “Those aren’t warts. Those are jiggers”.

               At first I was too freaked out about having more critters in my body because, I had just gotten rid of the bilharzia worms that I got and now I had more critters.

          So after I got that out of my head I told my dad that David told me that the warts on my feet were not warts they were jiggers. My dad told me to ask Dr. Joseph, because he didn’t know what they looked like.  So I went to Dr. Joseph and showed them to him and he said they were jiggers and that we would have to take them out today.

                So then I was talking to Jake and Jessica about getting them out and a woman overheard us talking about it.  She started talking about how much it hurt to take it out and about her daughter or somebody cried so much when they were taking them out of her foot.

                 Now that I had heard about how much it hurt I didn’t want to take the jiggers out of my foot.  I had to though, because if I didn’t, they would just keep growing. So after we got back to the guest house I went to the bathroom to wash my feet off.

       When I was done washing my feet I really didn’t want to have the operation done.  I told myself, “Jayne man up be tougher than both of your brothers”.

          So I asked Faith (the surgeon) what she needed to get the jiggers out of my foot.  She told me, “You need to get a needle, gloves, and gauze”.  I did what she told me to.  I got the stuff out of the room my parents were staying in and brought the stuff to my room.  I went to get Faith and after a little while she came into our room.

     Then she said that she needed more light.  Just then the power went out.  I was happy about that until Jake said, that the living room was a lot brighter.  So we walked to the living room.  I had to lay down on the couch.  Then Faith started and it hurt so bad.

Jigger surgery video

         So after she got done with the first two, we took a break for like two minutes.  When she started the third one, I knew it would hurt the most.  I was right, the little jigger would not come out of my foot.  Faith  had to pull it so hard.  When it finally came out, my toe was hurting like someone had just stabbed my toe with a knife.

       After we got all of the jiggers out, I learned very fast that I can’t walk on the two toes that I had the jiggers. This all happened yesterday and I still can’t walk on those two toes, because they still hurt.

       So this reminded me of when Satan puts little road blocks in our way.  We just need to take them out of your way and just keep going no matter how bad it hurts.                                                                                                 

                      Until next blog,



  1. Jayne - I'm so sorry you had to put up with those nasty little jiggers! I hope your foot/toes heal really, really fast - and that you don't run into anymore jiggers! Love you!

  2. Jayne, I'm sorry! I would have held you in my lap while you had the jiggers removed if I were there. I'm glad you "manned up". I bet you were braver than your brothers! I have your skittles and twizzlers ready to go and I will see you in 2 weeks and 3 days! Love you. Nanny

  3. Jayne, I'm so sorry your toes are sore and I can't imagine how much it
    hurt knowinghow much it hurts to remove a sticker. You were very brave.
    Were the boys taking lessons? Do I need to send you some tennis shoes with
    Nannie? Your new flip flops came in that she will be bringing. Send me hugs
    when she comes home. I have the letter you wrote me on my refrigerator that
    I look at every day.
    I miss you and love you. MiMi

    1. jayne baby i love you very much and am very proud of your bravery in facing your problem head on.------please keep up your good work and give the boys a hug for me. p s give faith a hug too, i miss you and love you. poppie