Thursday, May 10, 2012

Starfish updates

Before I start my updates, if you have not seen the blog from yesterday, or seen the video, please check this out.  My interaction with Isaac has been my most fun interaction, with a child, since we have been in Uganda.

We took Tendo to the hospital at Mulago on Wednesday.  We got her checked in and most of her surgery and hospitalization paid for.  We will finish the balance when she is discharged.  Thank you again to all of the Due Unto supporters that chipped in to cover this life changing surgery for her.  She is in good spirits and even took the time to teach Jayne “how to dance”.  See these videos.
Her mother and her maternal aunt came with us to Mulago.  They had brought so many provisions, that it took all of us to carry them.  She is scheduled for surgery on Friday morning.

While we were getting Tendo checked in, we ran into Joseph, and his father Ellya, in the heart institute waiting room.  Joseph is the young boy that we picked up in Mytiana and has been diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma of his face and sinuses.  He is getting worked up by the cancer institute to make sure he is a candidate for chemotherapy.  He got an ECG and echocardiogram while we were there.  If he qualifies for chemo, he will have 20% chance of survival.  As I have said before, for Joseph, it will be either 0% cure rate or 100% cure rate.  We are circling that prayer wagons to petition our God for the 100% cure.  Please join us.  We are also praying that this miraculous healing will show his father towards Christ.

As we picked up Tendo in Konge this morning, we stopped in to check on Nakiganda also.  She is now in the school.  One of the teachers goes and picks her up each morning and takes her to the school.  She is now being academically stimulated and getting a nutritious breakfast and lunch each day.  She was looking beautiful with her blue dress on today. 

 She lit up when we walked in, but then went back to eating.  We are currently working with the diagnosis of chronic malnutrition, but plan to do some blood work in the weeks to come.

Jamil, the young boy with the large eye tumor, has been released from Mulago and is back home in Palissa.  He has connected with the health center there, and they are changing his dressings each day.  He continues to see some light and shape from his right eye, and this should be “impossible” as his optic nerve was removed.  He is doing well, and I continue to get updates about him from Fred.  We will get a chance to see him again when we go through Palissa in mid-June.  Fred told me that when he took Jamil to his home in Palissa, he noted a conspicuous absence of a bed, bedding or mosquito net for Jamil.  Needless to say, the Due Unto team is making this happen for one of our favorite young men in Uganda.  Keep praying for his sight to be miraculously restored as a witness to God’s power!
I will update you on Tendo's surgery when we have more information.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support.


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