Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Post surgical Celebration!

We are celebrating the fact that Jill's dad, Herb is doing well this morning.  He is still in the ICU but recovering well. 

He is awake and "communicating" non-verbally.

He seems to be in good spirits and looks good medically.  To celebrate the medical successes so far, we are releasing our next video that is titled "God is Able".  We recorded the video and audio for this in the last couple of days before we left.  Thanks to our friend David for the good video work.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Herb and Jill's family.  Please continue to pray for the team that we have been working with in Uganda.  They are in Rakai doing a medical clinic this week (without us :(    ).  The medical work and the starfish care continues even though we are in Oklahoma!


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