Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

 I’ve been told that a blog should never be too long or it will lose the interest of its readers.  Taking this advice into consideration, this blog may become a series over the next few days to come.  First, as I consider Father’s Day, I hope we all give our devotion to Our Heavenly Father!  Over the last months, I’ve been pondering the things I believe He is teaching me.  He is God, the Great I Am, He alone is Able.  He is the Great Healer, and He chooses to invite us along for the journey through relationship with Him.

Second, I’d like to wish Jay, the true “due unto others” blogger a very Happy Father’s Day!  I am blessed to be able to tell you because of Jay and the Leadership of the Holy Spirit, I am able to spend this Father’s Day with all of the Father’s in my life.  The two mentioned above, as well as, my dad, Herb Lang, and Jay’s dad, Jerry Gregston.  How could this be?  We have been called back to Duncan a little sooner than we had thought we would be, just as we had been called to Uganda. 

My dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 laryngeal cancer.  At first we thought it was not to this stage and some specific radiation therapy would be used to take care of this issue.  Upon further investigations, it has been determined that, at this point, on June 26th, they will perform surgery to remove his voice box as well as what ever is deemed necessary during the operation.  If lymph nodes return back to be negative, this will be all that has to occur.  If not, radiation will follow the surgery. 

Our Heavenly Father is so very trustworthy.  After sitting still, praying, and waiting, we determined He was calling us home to be with my family during this life changing time.  He was also calling us home to have a week to be with my dad, before his voice box is removed.  One of the neat things about this bittersweet time, is that we were able to surprise my parents yesterday because they had no idea of our return.  You can see this surprise by checking out this video.

I will write the next part of this blog in the next day or so, as time allows.  I am so blessed this Father’s Day! Please join us as we are praying to see miraculous healing in my dad by Our Heavenly Father! 

In Him,

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  1. I believe in everything you are doing with dueunto and that being said, I also believe that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. We don't know what God's good is right now, but He does. I am so glad that you were all able to be "home" to spend this time with your dad, and I hope you know that Jerry and I are here to do whatever you need done. Love you, Tana