Sunday, April 21, 2013

T.O.P. Jamil

Continuing our review of some of our special "That One Persons" in Uganda.
Jamil is a 10 year old boy from Palissa Uganda.  He had been written off by his family and it was assumed that his massive eye tumor would end in his death.  Jamil had a tumor behind his right eye that caused his eye to swell and severely bulge out of the socket.  He had lost his vision in that eye about 2 years before and, because of this problem, people in his village were scared of him because they thought that he was cursed. At 10 years old, and very smart, he had not been allowed to start school because of the problems this eye issue caused.  His parents had abandoned him, so he lived with his grandparents and uncle’s family.  Jamil had been seen by an ophthalmologist in September of 2011.  When it was found out that his surgery and care would cost $700 usd, the family felt that that could not come up with the money.  The family had lost much of their hope.  They did, however, continue to pray.



After hearing of Jamil in March, then getting to meet him in early April, the Due Unto Others medical team, from Duncan Oklahoma, felt God calling them to go above and beyond for Jamil, showing God’s love to Jamil and his family.  A repeat CT scan showed that his tumor had grown by 50% in 6 months.  After visiting the eye surgeon to schedule the surgery, the Due Unto Others team was stuck in traffic, with Jamil in the van.  A street preacher was excitedly telling those in traffic, in the Luganda language, about Jesus.  As he was fervently preaching and spit was flying everywhere, he suddenly stopped, turned, and looked straight at Jamil and pronounced for all to hear, in perfect English, that “God is going to heal that boy”!   

Through funding of generous Christian people, from many churches around Oklahoma, Jamil was able to have the operation to remove his tumor.  Our God did “Heal that Boy”!  The love shown to Jamil and his family made a ripple through the village.  After healing from his surgery, Jamil was allowed to start school.  Once shunned and considered an outcast that was sure to die, Jamil is now big man on campus, as God has shown him special attention, healing and mercy.  Again, through generous giving of caring Christians, Jamil has his school paid for.


One in five Ugandan children dies before there 5th birthday.  What if we could reach THAT one person?

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