Sunday, April 28, 2013

TOP James

James is a 7 year old boy from Mubende Uganda.  The Due Unto Others medical team, from Duncan, Oklahoma, first met James while hosting a child health screening clinic in Mubende, in February 2012.  James was healthy and meeting health and educational milestones, at that time.  Unfortunately, a few days later, he was accidentally run over by a car, near his home.  In this horrible accident, he suffered a broken right femur and an injury to his left leg that required an amputation of the left leg, below the knee.  James was transferred to Wentz Medical Center in Gabba, Uganda.  Wentz was the home base for the Due Unto Others medical team, so they heard about James’ accident and were able to visit him on a regular basis.  James was required to remain flat on his back, with his right leg in traction for several weeks, before he had a large cast applied that went around his waist and then all the way down the right leg.  Through all of this 3 month hospital treatment, James kept a huge smile on his face. 

A local ministry came to fit him for a wheel chair and to counsel him about his new way of getting around.  The gentleman that came to counsel James came away saying that by the time their conversation was over, James was counseling him!  In previous blogs about James, it was said “I expect big things out of James.  He has a heart the size of the continent he lives on and a smile to match”.  It was also said of James, “He has spunk, resolve, charisma and a million dollar smile.  It would not surprise me if he is the president of Uganda someday”!


Through the generous giving of Christians, of various churches, to foreign missions, the Due Unto Others ministries was able to get James fitted for a prosthetic leg.  This would not have happened through government health care in Uganda.  Even more unique is that they were able to make him one that can adjust in length so that he can continue to use it as he grows.  This prosthetic leg is a life changing gift to James!  What a demonstration of God’s love!
We are looking forward to seeing James in about a month, when we return to Mubende.

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  1. You have an very Inspiring ministry. I'm proud to know you guys!