Thursday, March 29, 2012

Healthcare Update

We want to take a moment to update you on the two girls we have been trying to specifically help to get medical care in the national referral hospital.  Your support financially and through prayer has been overwhelming. 

For Tendo, she is awaiting her surgery to repair her left diaphragm on May 11th.  We have enough money pledged, to help her local church, to pay for this surgery.  She checks into the hospital on May the 9th, and then the surgery is 2 days later.  We will be returning from a trip to SW Uganda on May the 9th, so we have arranged for a local friend, with a van, to pick up Tendo, her mom and Pastor Shalom on that day.  Jonathan will drive them to Mulago, and make sure that they are checked into the correct location.  He and Pastor Shalom will have the deposit, for the surgery, to pay on that day.  I wish that we could be there when she goes to the hospital, but I like how this scenario will give more of an appearance of the local church organizing this help.  Jonathan will then give us a call and ease our minds that all is well and set up for the surgery two days later.  THANK YOU so much to all of you who have pledged and given towards Tendo’s surgery.  You are an answer to her family’s prayers and have changed, if not saved, her life.  We know of at least one more young boy that may need a life saving surgery too.  I will be seeing him in Jinja next week and will give you an update on him. 

For Nakiganda, we took her to Mulago today. 

We hit some road blocks as our paperwork, referring her to the Endocrinology clinic, was stolen in our losses Sunday night.  Thankfully, Dr. Martin went with us this time to have her looked at.  He ran into a pediatrics senior resident that he already knew.  This pediatrics resident looked at Nakiganda and felt that she should be admitted to the hospital and worked up from every angle, including endocrinology, to determine her baseline problem.  Dr. Martin, and the resident, both feel that this could be chronic malnutrition that has lead to stunted growth.  He offered to admit her today, but since we are leaving to go to Gulu, and Nakiganda had no family with her, we decided that we would make a plan for next Tuesday.  So, unless something changes, Nakiganda will be admitted next Tuesday to figure out if more than chronic malnutrition is going on.

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