Saturday, April 27, 2019

Whatever you DUE!

As we prepare to go to Uganda next month, I have been thinking about a verse to be our theme for this trip.  I have found one that seems to resonate with our name and overarching motto.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you DUE, DUE it all for the glory of God”.

This verse is taken out of Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth and in the preceding verses, he had given instruction on what to do with food sacrificed to idols.  He emphasizes that the Christians are free to eat anything, as long as their conscience is clear about it and it does not cause someone else to stumble. 

This verse spells out some freedoms that we have through Christ and apart from the law.  This freedom allows us to DUE many things, but it also gives us a freedom to not do certain things.  The freedom allows us to honor Christ with our lives, without worrying about laws, rituals or opinions.  Our freedom to honor God should not be based on what society and popular culture dictates.

This verse also implores us to DUE everything to God’s glory, even in the boring, everyday tasks that we do.  I have been working a lot the past several months.  I have caught myself just trying to get through this time until I am able to go to Uganda in May.  This verse clearly tells me that I should be working all of these hours to God’s glory too, not separating one part of my life from the other.  All of what I DUE should be honoring God.  Things that we would normally consider “worldly”, like jobs, hobbies, school, etc. are where we intersect with society and others that need to see Christ.

I think that it is worth reminding ourselves of this verse often and take every opportunity to DUE things to God’s glory.

As we prepare to make a trip to Uganda, May 11-30, I am hoping to collect a few items to take with us when we go.

#1) Sport coats/blazers – Many adults in rural Uganda, men and women, wear sport coats every day (or at least to medical clinics).  This could be to dress up a little or to stay warm. I thought that it would be cool to take a big supply of sport coats to leave with local pastors to pass out as they see fit.  So, if you would, look through your closet and find a sport coat that you are no longer wearing and get it to me. If the coat is part of a suit, send the pants too.  This will be such a blessing to the local church and the people in the surrounding village.

Photo credit to Jayne

#2)  Silverware/Flatware – When we go to a location to host a medical clinic, the local church or school will usually make us a delicious lunch in the middle of the day.  We sometimes eat at the location of the clinic, but more often, we will go down the road or around the corner and squeeze into someone’s home.  As the guests, they usually make us go first and allow us to use the silverware.  Many times, by the time the end of the line is complete, people are required to eat with their fingers because the silverware is all used.  We have taken some plasticware in the past, and allowed people to use this for their meals.  Last time we were in Uganda, we had the idea of bringing a big supply of silverware with us.  We could allow the hosts preparing our meal to use the silverware and then leave it with them as a thank you.  To that end, if you have any silverware that is in storage or not being used, or if you want to buy some and send it, let me know.

If you would like to donate a sport coat, silverware, soccer balls or kids shoes please get them to one of these locations:

1.)    Urgent Med – 2004 N Highway 81 in Duncan

2.)    Impact580 Church – 58 N. 12th st in Duncan

3.)    Due Unto Others – 5900 Mosteller Dr #122 Oklahoma City , OK 73112

Our trip, this year, will be centered around hosting eye clinics and then helping the identified people get eye surgery.  The surgeries will be mainly to resolve cataracts and each of these surgeries costs about $55.  So if you would like to give towards these life changing operations, please send a check to the Due Unto Others address above or you can give via paypal at

We covet your prayers as we look forward to our May 2019 trip.

Whatever you DUE!


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