Saturday, June 21, 2014

God's New Grace

As we started our clinic at the Ishaka Community Church clinic, I was working at registration, close to Joseph’s station where he was seeing patients. 

One of his previous patients had returned with her lab results from the next tent over where lab, pharmacy and spiritual clinic were located.  Her name is Grace. 
She is 66 years old and her blood sugar level was 570.  {Normal is up to 110.}  Joseph called me to take her paper to Dr. Viola from the district health facility who was assigned to work with us by the government.  She was very receptive to the need to admit her to the government hospital in Bushenyi which is about 7 to 8 kilometers south of Ishaka.  She wrote admit orders on Grace’s form.  Pastor Sam sent an interpreter, Alex, to show Ronald how to find this hospital.  I wasn’t sure if I should go or stay.  I asked Joseph and he told me I should go.  The volunteers from Ishaka Community Church (ICC) were quick to take my place in registration and keeping the crowd moving through the clinic.  So, we left in the “Ministry Machine” to head to the hospital.  I asked Alex to ask Grace if I could pray for her.  She said yes and we prayed.  I then felt prompted to ask her if she was born again.  She told Alex no, but she had come to the clinic to be saved.  I then asked if Benneth her daughter was saved. The answer was no, but she also wanted to accept Jesus into her heart as Lord and Savior. Pastor Sam had been preaching and sharing with the crowd as they were waiting to be registered and seen by the medical and spiritual team in the other two tents.  So I was blessed to lead them in a prayer to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior via Alex who translated. 
Of Course, the Lord needed no translation as he heard their hearts’ cry to become Lord and Savior of their lives.  I asked if they had a bible in their local language.  They did not.  So upon reaching the hospital, they were each given one. 

Alex and Ronald helped us get Grace into the door of the registration building at the hospital.  We were told she was to be admitted, and we needed to take her to another part of the hospital compound.  As she was being helped by the guys out of the first building, she told Alex she now could not see.  We got her settled on a bare plastic mattress hospital bed. 
At this point I knew we must take Benneth to get some provisions for Grace’s stay.  As we have mentioned before, if you are in the hospital here, the patient’s family is responsible for the patient’s food, bedding and laundry.  Before we left, I wrote a note to Grace in English in the cover of her Bible and gave it to her.  She immediately held it up toward heaven and began praising as she prayed in her native language. 
Even though I did not know the words, I knew by the Holy Spirit the authenticity of her prayer and praise.  We prayed over her once again before leaving with Benneth and her baby. 

They told us that they had traveled 5 Kilometers to get to ICC from their home.  As we traveled back through Ishaka to the North, we counted from ICC to their home and it was more like 9 kilometers.  I assume that they traveled this distance on foot. 
As Benneth retrieved what she needed from Grace’s home, another lady named Scovia came inside the small dirt floor home with her baby.  Alex asked her about her faith.  He then asked me to share Christ with her.  She too wanted to ask Jesus to be her Savior and Lord.  Then she asked about her baby.  She told us she was 3.  She looked to me to be about 9 months, but with a full mouth of teeth.  So I instructed her to come with us so Treasure could be seen.  A second lady entered the house, also named Grace.  She too was a neighbor.  Alex talked to her a bit and told me she was already a born again.  I asked if she had a Bible.  She did not and cannot read, but her children can.

When Alex told her about Grace, Benneth, and Scovia accepting Christ she said, “REALLY!”  We shared with her about the importance of discipling them as new believers.  Pastor Sam and Alex will follow up and visit this area soon.

We then left and returned to the ICC clinic. 
Jay saw Treasure, Scovia’s baby, and determined she was malnourished because she had stopped nursing at 2 months. Treasure was then given cow’s milk.  We gave her some vitamins and realized Treasure has been followed by the nutrition center in Ishaka.  

Shortly after lunch, Ronald, Alex, and I went to take Benneth, her baby, and provisions for Grace back up to the hospital.  Someone had been sweet enough to lend her some material to lay on.  She was sleeping. (I made sure I saw her breathing.)  They had started the IV medication she needed.  We checked on her again as we passed though Bushenyi on our way back to Mbarrara.  She was awake and looked better. We found out that Grace had heard about the clinic from listening the night before when Dr. Jonathon had been given an hour on a radio talk show to  share that the free medical clinic would be at the future site of the Ishaka Community Church.  She put dry cell batteries in her radio so she could listen to the radio the night before.  She was excited to meet him and he prayed over her as we left.  Another women in the bed across from Grace asked if we would pray for her before we left also.  She was in the hospital for the same reason as Grace.  Her name is Jane.


Dr.  Viola let me know, after the clinic, that she would check on Grace, and she would be her patient.  Dr. Viola will make sure she has needed supplies and transport home once her sugar levels stabilize.  She will also educate her on how to administer her insulin injections herself. 


Day 2 at Ishaka will have to be a blog on its own.  But, I must share that as I got to know Dr. Viola better, I discovered she lives in Mbarrara where we are staying.  So, at the end of clinic Friday, she accepted our invitation to ride back and stop to check on Grace on the way.  She joined us for dinner and while talking we discovered her husband is an ophthalmologist here in Uganda. Do you remember Jay's "VISION" of Mud in Your Eyes?  This fact too will have to be a blog on its own.  All I can say is God is always at work!  Such a blessing as He reveals glimpses of what He has been doing!!!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  To God be the Glory!!!


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