Wednesday, June 25, 2014

But Wait, There's More!

I am blogging today from the “Ministry Machine”.  We are making our way back from SW Uganda to Kampala, the capital.  We have just completed a 2 week trip through several small villages in the rural SW part of the country.  This part of Uganda is beautiful with small mountains, banana trees, cows and many Ugandan Cranes.  This is our longest Ugandan road trip ever.  We have hosted 9 days of clinic and treated more than 2,000 people.  We have seen many professions of faith, including around 90 over the past 4 clinic days.  The last two days, we were able to work again with Pastor Ken Gallyen, from Alabama and The Call to Africa team.   
Through the help of RAW Church and other donors, our team has been able to distribute more than 100 bibles in the local language.  We have experienced a couple of health issues, on our team, but we are recovering well.


I want to continue my look at some of the specific ways that you can help Due Unto Others and our projects in Uganda, and give you an update on those that I mentioned in the “Let Me Count the Ways” blog.   Emmauel traveled to Mbarara and Dr. Simon evaluated him.
He was subsequently admitted to the hospital and had an operation on his eye yesterday. 
It was found to be congenital glaucoma (high pressure in his eye, since birth) and not a tumor.  As they tried to release the pressure in his left eye, the eye started bleeding and they had trouble getting it to stop.  They ended up being required to remove his eye.  The good news is, his right eye was found to be normal and he should move forward without much consequence.  Glory to God for the help that donors made for this boy. 


Pamela traveled from Bwambara to Mbarara yesterday.  She was seen in the cardiology clinic there.  Some of our team was able to receive her in Mbarara and help Pamela and her mother find the Cardiology clinic.  She was admitted to the hospital in Mbarara and is awaiting to see the cardiologist tomorrow.


The last update is on Polite.  She is awaiting a trip to Kampala in the next week or two to begin her burn treatment CORSU hospital.  We will likely see her as she starts this process and then receive updates, once we are back in the USA.


The first of the new children that you can specifically help with is Chrispus. 

She is a 4 year old girl from Bushenyi.  We treated her last Thursday, during our clinic in Ishaka.  She had suffered severe burns to her right foot and ankle.  This has scarred so that her foot is flexed up and scarred against her lower leg.  This prevents her from walking.  She also had some small burns in other areas.  This accident happened about 4 months ago.  Her mother, Mercy, was praising God that Chrispus was going to get medical treatment.  She said that Chrispus has “suffered for so long”.  We have made arrangements for her to be treated at the University Hospital in Ishaka.  The cost for her surgery and after care will be $220 (US dollars).  This procedure should completely change her life.  She should be able to walk again and get back to living a normal life.


The next special child that you can participate in a life change with is Elizabeth.  She is a 14 year girl from Rukungiri.  She has been chronically anemic.  Elizabeth has received the extent of the workup available in the SW region.  She needs a bone marrow biopsy, which can only be done in Kampala, at Mulago.  There is a suspicion that she could have leukemia.  She is traveling to Kampala today, June 25th, to have this test done, later this week.  The way I understand it, her initial work up will cost about $180 USD.  If she is found to have a leukemia, there are government funded treatment programs that she could fall into.  I have committed Due Unto Others funds to cover this amount.  If you would like to help Elizabeth in her workup, please let me know.


The next patient that Due Unto Others has discovered, needing help, is Gift.  Gift is a 5 year old boy from Ishaka.  His problem started after getting a cut on his left leg, about 8 months ago.  This formed an infection that has continued to smolder and he now has an infection (osteomyelitis) that involves his tibia (shin bone) and all of the surrounding soft tissues.  This type of infection is difficult to treat.  At a minimum, it requires a surgery to clean out the infection and iv antibiotics.  Sometimes, even in the US, it requires an amputation.  Gift was taken straight from our clinic to the University Hospital in Ishaka.  He had surgery on Monday and is receiving the iv antibiotics.  The cost for Gift’s care is $300 USD.


Each of these beautiful children have a medical problem that desperately needs to be investigated or treated.  They all have a very good chance of recovery to a normal life.  Without treatment, they would risk death or chronic disability.  Please pray to ask God how you might help with these kids.  Any small amount would be helpful.  Email me at and I will direct you on where to send donations.


I encourage you to lift these children and their families in prayer.  Through these medical treatments, God’s love can be shown to these families and His name can be glorified throughout their villages!


Preparing for “Due Season”

Galatians 6:9



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  1. Keep up the hard work. God is using you all to change those kids' lives! I'll be praying!