Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remember your testimony

What is a testimony?  The dictionary would tell us that it is “a declaration of truth or fact”.  In the church world, we might think of a testimony as a compilation of words that tells others about our faith.  It can explain why we are Christians, how we have overcome sin, and how we have been transformed by our Savior.  I think of a testimony as the story of how God has delivered us.  Those stories are varied but all exciting, in their own ways.  We might think that some people’s testimonies are “sexier” than ours, but if we have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus, we have all been rescued from the same eternal death.

This week, while we were working in Rukungiri, Jamil was asked to give his testimony to the people waiting in line to be seen by the doctors.  So he bravely stood in front of probably 50 adults, loud speaker in hand and said this:


There was a pastor that got my picture and gave it to those people (pointed at us inside working). When they got those pictures and they came to work at my school, and again they take my photos.  When they took my photos, in 2012, they took me to Mulago Hospital.  They operated me, and it was clearing, but after some time came some swelling.  Again in 2013 they operated me.  They then took me to radiotherapy to treat the wound.  Again the wound becomes ok, but again the tumor is coming back.  They want to take me to America maybe again to operate me.  But I thank God, because he is a healer.  He helped me.  Now I am ok.  I thank God that now I am ok and not having any pain.  That is my testimony.  God bless you.


We talked to Jamil, later that night.  We wanted to know how Jesus fit into his testimony.  After we each shared our salvation stories, Jamil shared his.  This was not recorded, but the best we could piece together by memory.

I remember that I prayed to ask God to save me on a Saturday.  I went to church on Sunday and the pastors, they prayed with me.  They gave me some things to read, but I could not read them, so I gave them away.  Then, I had no money.  My clothes were worn.  I had no soap, so I bathed with just water.  It was soon, Pastor Kabanda came to Kamugee, I went to the church and sat in the front.  After he was done preaching, he took my photo.


As God would orchestrate it, we met Jonathan Kabanda a few weeks after he had taken the photos of Jamil in Pallisa.  It is truly amazing how God has provided for Jamil.  We know that God has a big plan, including a big testimony, for him.

With more discussion, we did find out that Jamil has never been Baptized.  So, we are planning a Baptism party in the River Nile in a couple of weeks! 


Take some time today and think about your transformation story.  Remember what God has saved you from, and tell someone about it!


Preparing for “Due Season”!



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