Monday, June 17, 2013

Go and Make Disciples!

This trip has been at such a faster pace than our previous one last year.  Between that fact and at times the internet being down, it has made blogging a little slower than we have planned.  I’m going to go back a few days and blog about our second day in Kabale.  One of the things we all were looking forward to during our time in Gaba was being under the teaching of Pastor Peter at Gaba Community Church.  He was out of the country when we first arrived.  The following Sundays he has had guests from the United States and Canada here who were preaching as he has prepared for his yearly Pastor’s Conference during the past week.  So during the first half of this 9 day swing through the southwestern part of Uganda, many of the Pastors from the churches we have had clinic in have been attending this conference.  We were challenged last year by our friend Greg Davis that our calling was to GO and make disciples.  Matthew 28:19-20

Family photo from Kabale

The clinics we are doing in the rural areas are multipurpose.  There are so many people who will come to see a medical provider because many have never had the opportunity to see one in their life.  I have been amazed at how far they walk.  We have developed a particular flow over time as we have been setting up clinics from one place to another.  First, the patients who have been waiting will be given a number.  Next, they are registered and assigned to a seat in the waiting area, if available.  Next they see the provider.  Then Pharmacy receives their prescriptions, and they go to the local church leadership for spiritual care. During Spiritual Care, the Gospel is shared or if they are a believer already, then they have the opportunity to share prayer needs and are prayed with.  Those that accept the Lord are then followed up through the local Church leadership.  Afterwards, via a translator, the patient is explained how to take their medications.

I have always had a heart for discipleship.  I think many Christians, myself included at times, often get stuck in our walk with Christ.  I believe many get stuck at the point of salvation.  So now, let me go back to the second day of Kabale Clinic.  When we arrived, there were many waiting to be seen.  The first day, I noticed a deficit in the spiritual care part of the clinic.  On this first day, there was no one waiting when we arrived.  The clinic had been advertised by the church as only being for children.  This was great, with the exception that school has begun, so many were in class.  The decision was made to go to the schools, and find the kids who were sick and bring them.  The day started off slow but became busy.  We decided to open day 2 up to the village, meaning to those of all ages.  So, I wanted to make sure we had a stronger Spiritual Care part of our clinic.  If you know my family, as well as our twin one, the Gashes, it was determined if I feel this way, then I should go over to the waiting area and share your why we are here and the gospel via translator.   (David and Jakeb Treat I was wishing for you at that point!)  Jessica Gash came with me for moral support.  The male leadership of the church was at the pastor’s conference.  There was a lady, who is in leadership, who translated for me.  Soon after, the pastor’s wife, Margaret, arrived.  We asked her about spiritual care.  The video posted below will, hopefully, give you a taste of what clinic can potentially look like. 

Jessica was in the process of asking my translator about setting up the spiritual care area, when I looked over and Margaret was preaching to the waiting area.  The people were at the edge of their seats listening.  This video doesn’t do what I was seeing justice.  When she finished, 8 people had accepted Christ.  We had to stop registration, so Margaret moved over to that line and began again, and I believe at least 5 more came to Christ. 

Margaret was my That One Person, (TOP) on this day.  Afterward, we sat down to talk.  I wanted to encourage her in the discipleship of these new believers.  Before I could do this, she began to share with me here heart for discipleship.  She asked me if I had a good means of discipleship.  She has been praying for a good way to disciple.   She had begun cell groups within the village through their church and asked me if I knew of any good materials.  Before we left to come to Uganda, Jay felt led to have us use Francis Chan’s book, Multiply, for our team Devos.  Francis Chan has made this available for free over the internet at  I asked Margaret if she had internet and told her that this was a great vehicle for discipleship.  Jake also volunteered to give her his book.  It was such a beautiful reminder, to see again, that God is at work here and we are blessed to join Him in what He is doing!

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