Saturday, March 3, 2012

Team Member Profile - David

Here is my next Due Unto Others/Africa Renewal team member introduction.  Today, I would like to tell you about David.

David wears many hats with our team and we are so delighted that he took some time away from his budding business to work with us while we are here.  David has a history of driving for and hosting many mission teams in the past, he drove an ambulance for Wentz Medical Center and had a transportation business of his own.  He has recently sold out of that business to buy the equipment to start his new business of photo/video production.  David is in his mid twenties and lives in Gaba, fairly close to the Wentz Medical Center (our home base).  Dr Martin had introduced us to David in our first week here, and Dr Martin actually had him take us home one day.  We bonded with David quickly and we lobbied for him to be our “driver”. 

David is an excellent driver.  He can maneuver our van into and out of places that make me want to close my eyes!  But he is much more than that to our family.  He has been our teacher, teaching us about Uganda, teaching us some of the language, and teaching by being a model of patience for us.  David has a great sense of humor and has been holding his own with the smart mouths that we have assembled in our family!  David is willing to help the team in any capacity.  Last week, while in the Mubende area, he served in roles ranging from translator to racing a dying girl to the hospital, performing CPR along the way.  He has been helping us to assemble some memories by taking excellent photos and videos over the past 2 weeks.  On Thursday, he helped us film a video and will be working to edit this over the next couple of days.  David has officially been with our team for only about 10 days, but he has become a fast FRIEND to our family. 

We hope to work with David to do some documentaries and some other forms of media to get the word out regarding the need for medical care in rural Uganda.

Please keep David in your prayers!  There are a few reasons that he needs your prayers.
1.)    He has to put up with us for the next 5 months!

2.)    He has not felt well the last couple of days.  We have him on some medicine and pray that he gets well soon.

3.)    Please pray that God blesses his business.  He is taking some time away from this business to work with us.  We hope that through some of the work that he does with us, that he will have doors opened to him for bigger projects.

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