Friday, March 9, 2012

An Xtreme day in Jinja!

Today was an Xtreme day in Jinja.  We woke up early and went to the Nile River for some relaxing............Bungee Jumping!  That's right.  Jared, Jake, Jill and I jumped from a tower of 145 feet over the Nile River.  This was on my Bucket List, but is not there any longer.  It was a little nerve racking to scoot to the edge of the platform, with your feet tied together.  Jared and I "tandem" jumped and did a "water touch"

We have a ton of pictures, but I just posted me and Jared because we are the only ones that did a water touch and we thought the pictures looked really cool.  We have some video of our jumps too that we will try to post before too long.

When we completed the Bungee jumps, we loaded up to go white water rafting in the Nile!  This is my third time to do this and it never ceases to impress.  So much water, with so much power.  We only had one "unintentional" boat exit.  This was Jill getting ejected from the front Left seat on the boat.  I figure that she was bobbing through the rapids for about 45 seconds, but according to her internal clock it was at least 3 minutes!  She was rescued by one of our rafting team in a kayak. 

When we finished rafting, we hurried back to Jinja to our hotel to meet with Katie Davis (Kisses from Katie blog and book author) and her lovely family of girls.  We played, talked and enjoyed the pool for several hours at our hotel.  They then stayed to eat dinner with us here.  We really enjoyed meeting them and getting to visit about Katie's heart for Uganda.  We will be joining them to help with their Saturday Bible study and school children feeding tomorrow.  I will be taking my stethoscope and otoscope with us tomorrow, just in case we come across some sick kids while we are there.

Going back one more day, on Thursday, Jill and I met with Pastor Henry, in Jinja.  We hope to work with him and his church on a few clinic projects around Jinja while we are in Uganda.  We also plan to worship with Henry at his church on Sunday.

We will update you on our day with the Davis family tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!



  1. Lon Robinson sent an email that said to concentrate on this sentence "The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you". It must have been Gods will for you to intentionaly jump 145 feet towards the Nile, without being chased by a lion, but I am sure it is not His will for me. You ALL are NUTS! Love & Miss You.

  2. You guys rock!!! And I am awaiting to hear about the more great adventures to come- spiritual and physical!