Monday, February 13, 2012

Calling the Prayer Warriors

Today, we went to Bethany Village.  This is an area across Lake Victoria that is a part of Africa Renewal Ministries.  In this area, there are schools, an orphanage, and a medical clinic.  We saw 80 kids from their schools today as part of a health screening program.  We saw many healthy kids, several with Tinea Capitis (ring worm on the head) and several with cavities in their teeth.

Jill and Jared teamed up to take care of registration.  They took names and ages.  Then they got a weight and height on these beautiful kids.  Each of the students was given 5 tablets of worm medicine, which they are required to take 2 times per year.  They were not too happy, but none of them refused.

We had a traditional Ugandan lunch in one of the homes.  This was probably the best one that we have had to date.  Then we got back to work finishing the 80 patients today.  We have plans to run a clinic for the Bethany Community tomorrow in which we will likely see 200 patients.  Please keep this clinic and the potential health and spiritual healing that could come from it, in your prayers.

I would like you to hit your knees for Jonathan.  He is a approximately 4 year old boy that we met today in Gaba, prior to crossing the lake to Bethany Village.  He has a severe (likely 3rd degree) burn of his R arm and abdomen.  This occurred as a pot of boiling water fell on him about a week ago.  We were able to pray with Jonathan and his mother.  He was given a "free pass" to go to the Wentz Medical Center.  He went to Wentz, while we were in Bethany, and had the burn dressed and debrided.  His mother has a small stand in the market near the clinic, so I hope to follow him on this burn.  It has a high likelihood of getting infected and if that does not happen, it has a high probability of scarring in a way that limits the use of his R arm.  I pray that God will heal him in a way that no one can take credit for but God.  Please join me in this prayer.



  1. Praying for the clinic tomorrow and Jonathan's arm! Our God is the great healer!

  2. Kortney and I prayed- complete and unscarred / healing for him- he is beautiful- what a precious smile- he will be another miracle of our almighty God!