Sunday, February 19, 2012

Due Unto Others member profile - Joseph

Over the next few weeks I would like to introduce you to some of the Ugandan Members of the Africa Renewal/Due Unto Others team.  The first team member that I would like to profile is Joseph.  He is a “clinical officer” here in Uganda.  That is a position that is very much like a PA or Nurse Practitioner in the US.  On one of our first days of meeting with Africa Renewal Ministries, Dr. Martin mentioned Joseph.  He had recently become available from the clinic where he had been working.  Martin really wanted to hire him at Wentz Medical Center but did not have a position or funding.  Joseph is a good Christian man in his 30’s.  He and his wife are celbrating the arrival of their first child yesterday.  I asked Martin how much it would cost to have Joseph help us on our missions as we go out to rural areas in Uganda.  He said that he thought that he could hire him for $600/month!  God just overwhelmed me with the sense that we could double what we were going to be able to do for $3,600 for the whole 6 months.

I asked Martin to go ahead and see if Joseph was interested in the position.  Thankfully he was.  Joseph reminds me some of Johnny Terry.  Johnny was a PA that worked in Urgent Med for a couple of years.  Joseph, like Johnny, is a little quiet, very easy going and has a great big easy smile.  I am sure that many of you (Jamie Slate included) remember Johnny.  I am excited to think that we will be able to see twice as many people on or mission trips because of this addition to our team!   If this was not enough, I think that I am more excited to think that he will be able to lead the team to carry on the work once we have returned to Oklahoma.  This will require ongoing funding, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Joseph’s position is not one that we had budgeted for in our plans before coming.  If anyone was waiting to give towards a specific need of Due Unto Others, here is one.  You can donate by sending a check to:
1802 North Highway 81
Duncan, OK 73533
Put Uganda/Joseph in the memo

Next profile will be of David.  He is a man of many hats.  He will be our driver, translator, video/photographer and will helping us do some videos or documentaries over the time that we are here.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our family while we are here in Uganda!


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  1. Please mail any checks to PO Box 694 Duncan, OK 73534, or drop them off at the church at 1302 N Hwy 81 in Duncan and mark "Uganda" or "Uganda/Joseph" etc in the memo line
    thanks for your support!