Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sold out!

Sold Out?  I have always wanted to be sold out to Christ.  I have seen people that I knew were sold out to Him and have admired their lives.  But not giving up control has slowed me from joining them.

I sold out to chase a beautiful woman so as to make her my bride.  But have I chased that hard after the Almighty?

I sold out to my studies and successfully completed my schooling.  But have I studied enough in God's word?
I have sold out to exercise programs (past tense) to complete marathons and triathlons.  But I don’t know that I have ever totally exercised my faith in the Savior.
I am currently “Sold Out” of the housing market in Duncan.  But can I be radical enough to be sold out to Jesus?
I sold out my family in 2005-2007 as work occupied way too much of my life and attention.  I’d like to feel that urgency and need for the life giver as I did for my livelihood.  
Lord, I pray that you will corner me in Uganda, amid a life of fewer distractions, and help me to sell out to you.  Help me to join the National Association of “sell-tors” by leading others to be sold out as well. 

Are you sold out?  Are you holding back some inventory?


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  1. Great post brother! I look forward to hearing the stories of God "cornering" you, and the awesome things that transpire as you "sell out". Love you guys.