Sunday, February 12, 2012

      Hi, it’s Jared, I’ve been in Uganda for eight days and have realized several things.  First, the fruit here is amazing.  The second thing is that the people here are awesome. The third thing is that the views here look fake because they are so pretty, and finally the name Jared is hard to pronounce for Ugandans.
     Okay, the fruit here is great, the pineapples are so good I’ve made my mouth sore multiple times.  I don’t think sugar cane is a fruit, but it is great when you chew it. Pears are really good too.

       I think the people are great.  I love the ability to play with the kids, work with Gilbert in the lab at Wentz Clinic, and pray with the people in villages.  Having said that, they have stores with no price tags and the minute they see a muzungu the price of anything will go up three times what a local would pay.  We have also become friends with David, the security guard, who likes to play soccer, football, and basket ball with us, using our dirty clothes basket and a cheap air-up ball.

       The views here are spectacular.  There are so many, what I call postcard-pictures here, being the the waterfalls, the mountains, and the animals. There are pictures that look so cheesy they look like they are on a green screen at Wal-mart.

            Finally my name is hard to pronounce for Ugandans because I’ve been called Jo-Ann,Jeremy, and Jerry.  Actually, I’ve started introducing myself as Matafari which means brick in Lugandan.



  1. Nice to meet you Matafari! I better go with Brick so I can pronounce it correctly! Glad you're having a good time!

  2. I have to let you know that in reading your new name for the first time and knowing you I thought it said "Matafarti" and I thought well of course Jared would choose a name with the word fart in it. :) ~Jeanne

  3. What JeanneK said ! ! ! ! MiMi