Sunday, February 19, 2012

a LOT of water & some of it HOT!

I have several praise reports to bring you today, related to water.

1.) I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of the prayer warriors that petitioned our God on the behalf of Jonathan.  I asked for prayers for him on Monday afternoon.  He had suffered a severe burn on his right arm and on the right side of his abdomen when he pulled a pot of boiling water on to himself the week before.  I was concerned, at that time, that he could get a complicated infection or get scarring on the right elbow that would hinder his use of the arm.  We stopped by to see him on Thursday, and he was still holding his right arm bent.  The bandage was dirty, but he continued to run and play and smile.  I was still concerned, at that time, about his scarring and function.  We took the time on Thursday to pray with Jonathan and his mother again.
I know that you have been praying, and given the results, I think that my Granny Due has been praying for Jonathan pretty intensely! ;]  After a great worship service at Gaba Community Church this morning, we stopped to see how Jonathan was doing.  I'd have to say that what I saw today was a miracle.
Today, he can fully extend the arm, the burn on his arm and abdomen are almost completely healed.  He probably could lose the bandages and be fine!  We had asked God to heal him in a way that no one else could take the credit.  Done!

2.)  This one pales in comparison to the story of Jonathan.  But we have been "suffering" in our apartment with no hot water for the past week.  Since we got home from Hoima, late last Sunday, we have had no hot water.  The apartment complex had switched to a solar system that I think consisted of a magnifying glass and a couple of mirrors heating the water!  Anyway, after taking really quick "polar showers" this week, the apartment complex went back to the energy inefficient way of using a water heater and electricity to heat the water.  Praise the Lord for hot water!

3.) It is coming to the end of dry season.  When we arrived 2 weeks ago, it had not rained in Uganda for a month.  Over this past week, we have had a few small rains.  Last night, it started to thunder and lightning like a bad thunderstorm in Oklahoma.  Today, there was hail and much rain.  To quote the great American philosopher Will Smith it "Got Jiggy with it!".  Normally when you look to the North of our apartment, there is a swamp/marsh area.  Today it is a river.  This picture shows the water from the marsh/river coming through the wall of our apartments and almost up to the building itself.  Uganda has been needing some water, so this too is a praise for the water!

Thanks for all of your prayers!

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